Ladies and gentlemen, Hello! I was 009 among the tour guide, we will visit the worlds largest hydropower station of the Three Gorges Hydropower station.

The Three Gorges is the Qutang gorge, Wu Gorge, Xiling gorge, in general, is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, between Chongqing and Hubei in Yichang. The total length is about 1200 li.

On both sides of the Three Gorges high mountains and lofty hills jijue scenery; meanwhile, sheer precipice and overhanging rocks, the river rushing tide, beauty life insurance is pushing forward despite repeated frustrations, and fascinating. On the trip, youll be amazed at the wonderful scenery of the three gorges.

Rippling waves in, swim in the mountains, you will also learn the long history of the Three Gorges, the great Qu Yuan poet in China, and the beauty of the messenger of peace Wang Zhaojuns hometown is here, it seems not only create a generation of three talent, but also to cultivate the peerless beauty, really is outstanding, Li Bai and many other poets have words in three gorges. It seems that the Three Gorges not only have a good view, but also have a long history.

The Three Gorges hydropower station, which we are about to visit, has the largest hydroelectric generating unit in the world. It is expected to become the largest hydropower station in the world

The Three Gorges is really one of the great treasures in the world!

Well, let us follow the footsteps of the saints, together to explore the mystery of the three gorges! I believe we will definitely not!


Dear visitors:

Our ship set sail from yichang, have been to chongqing a km long, and massif, endless. With the imposing manner of the three gorges, among them the most sinister. The three gorges is a magnificent landscapes along Yangtze river were described, as one of Chinas top ten scenic spots. It is the essence of the Yangtze river scenery, the treasure of China landscape, flashing this charming luster, through the ages, numerous Chinese and foreign tourists to dump. Now, let us feel the charm of the three gorges scenery!

Dear passengers, please note that our ship has arrived in the xiling gorge, the longest of the three gorges valley, the total length of more than three hundred, which is divided into four sections, is difficult. The first paragraph is a yellow cat gorge, the mountain is high, less risk; Water, and not very narrow; The second paragraph is DengYingXia. In this section, please pay attention to the tomb of the view of the temple is not to be missed. A small temple, in front of the pillow river, around three sides by hundreds of thick trees, with a strong flavor of jiangnan. But this situation is very short, less than two or three minutes, we came to the third paragraph. Highlight the third paragraph is cavity ling gorge, to the mountain, steep rise. The bovine liver horse lung is the most dangerous. The knife cut the same hill across the river, into a narrow door. As a door of the cliff, there are two pieces of each like beef liver, lung stone. Beef liver still intact, the horse lung have been hit the enemy was black and blue all over. In addition to this, there is a urgent risk Kong ridge booth do fall there too, water falling note down from high beach, the situation is very terrible, so people often say: "not leaf green beach beach beach, Kong ridge is death." Came to the fourth period of rice gorge, the water is not urgent but of a high mountain. Where there is far away the huns wang zhaojun huan washed - xiangxi. Away from the mountain in, there is a village of wang zhaojun.

Attention, tourists are now the ship has been the zigui and padang, come to one of the most famous wu gorge, here the most interpretation, the most beautiful. Peaks a layer after layer, until there is no road ahead, also there is no way back. Wushan cloud also strange, everything.

Vessels of wu gorge, then came to the last valley - the qutang gorge, the shortest gorge, only see 15. Ermeishan mountain are horizontal, but water is still risk. Passengers please note, here are the famous treasure in the history of the period of the ancient city of liu2 huang2 shu2 entrust an orphan to tragic story, is taking place, at the top of the mountain, there is a lady temple, the color is white wall, the temple bells appeal bleak, there is a Chinese homesick feelings.


Words of the Yangtze river from the Tibetan plateau, all the way to the east China sea, calm, all the way until the three gorges all show it energizes the imposing manner, like the rainbow tourists friends, now we are the starting point of the three gorges in padang, treasure.

Speaking of treasure, I think you are familiar, is first and foremost by the white of the early sailing early from baidi town: the filled with clouds, Trinidad jiangling also on the 1st. Moreover is liu2 bei4 treasure entrust an orphan to: not to small and not for good, it is a sin to steal a pin. After another popular poem, shining famous aphorism, tell us about the treasure for us in the important status in history, horses from the eastern han dynasty last years of the tang dynasty period of unique romance, scars and luster of the treasure to record the history, shows the Chinese nation of five thousand years for us.

Tourists friends, treasure, we are now formally entered the city of the three gorges, li daoyuan speak: in the three gorges or declared the kings commandment was urgent, sometimes the hair filled, both to jiangling, during two hundred, though by dongfeng, not to illness. Rolling in the Yangtze river, from the tangula mountain flood, freely, all the way to the qutang gorge, suddenly on both sides of the mountains, the Yangtze river and from the mountains of the mountain of splitting a canyon, a turbulent, majestic, li bai wrote cross-strait YuanSheng crow, boats already past thousands of mountains. With li daoyuan is by running of the wind, not with disease, also wants to coordinate, fully show the characteristics of the Yangtze river in the three gorges water soon. Now we sat down on a cruise ship, it is difficult to feel that the denial of artistic conception, but everyone could see water waves in the ship, he or she is by no means are common in jiang river.

We see now, the three gorges hydropower station, this is the worlds largest hydropower station, I think you may know, the itaipu hydropower station is the worlds largest hydropower station, but two years ago, this record again by Chinese people to create a miracle beyond, 182 billion kw motor and generating billions of degrees are far ahead of all over the world, it is supposed to be the pride of our country.

What we are after is the dams five drainage system, the magnificent machinery, fully showing the great momentum of hydropower station, is the crystallization of the wisdom of our Chinese nation.

Friends, jiangling, our trip to the three gorges will come to an end, on this trip, we already see the charm of nature, and appreciate the wisdom of mankind, please dont forget this, remember one word——I live in China, my hometown has the three gorges.