My name is XXX, this year 27 years old. July 1997 me from * * normal school art teacher art professional inside the plan at graduation. From 1997 to within country no longer ZiFeiSheng bag distributive, that I should go up with the sun most glary vocation over. Fortunately, tattenai machang small teachers is insufficient, the people in this small introduction, I served as a year of temporary substitute teacher.

Recall that time which was both sweet and good, although substitute a low salary, but listen students around the side teacher and teacher growled and looked at the pairs of eyes, the full trust every childishness little face, all the unpleasant life all suddenly vanished. I wanted to, even if it does not become a full member, as long as the school needs, is when the lifetime class teacher I also willingly. And behold, since 1998 countries began to repel temporary and class teacher, received the school verbally notify after, I was reluctant to part with the mood, quietly left school.

Today, I want to pass the exam again on the rostrum desire is so urgent! My family has three sisters, two sisters working outside, in order to take care of elderly parents already, I always stay in their side. I have open shop, first business handicraft, again after business clothing. But no matter how business handy, when a glorious people's teacher has always been my dream of fundamentality and wish to their life work to pursue career. I have participated in the exam, but are due to various reasons and failed to realize the dream, but I decided, as long as the opportunity, I have been exam go on until the ideal realization so far.


Now of I, after the test of life than my rival in age I no longer have an advantage, but I had a more than they are in children's love, patience and responsibility, a more mature and self-confident.

The teachers in this profession is sacred and great, he asked the teacher not only need have a wealth of knowledge, also have a lofty sentiment. Therefore, reading normal, I pay great attention to their all-round development, extensive training their hobbies, and learning has the specialty, accomplish except the good at painting and calligraphy outside, still can sing, can speak, speak. Learning for pision, high only body sudoku for fan in knowledge-based learning at the same time, I pay attention to cultivating their own noble moral sentiment, consciously bound, observe social ethics, no bad habits and behavior. I think these are an education workers should have the least knowledge.

If, I passed the interview, become numerous teachers team members, I will continue to study hard and work hard, for the hometown of education and contribute their efforts, disappoints engineers of human souls this glorious title.


Good morning!

It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview,

I hope i can make a good performance today. I'm confident that I can succeed.

Now i will introduce myself briefly

I am 26 years old,born in shandong province.

I was graduated from qingdao university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 20xx.

I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.

In July 20xx, I begin work for a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDao city.Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.

And in August 2004,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.

I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great Pssure. That's all. Thank you for giving me the chance.